The Gift of Art

“Sometimes the cake IS the gift and these are the kinds of cakes I make” Dancoise Miller aka The Cake Lady

Get Inspired. Face to Face

Inspiration is one of the most important keys to growing creatively and one of the best ways to be inspired is by learning the stories of creative peers. Let’s meet the people, “Face to Face”.

Have you ever wondered what makes a person with a perfect, socially plan, derail rushing toward their unrealistic dreams? I’ve certainly always wondered! I’ve wondered so much that I’ve sat down with a few of them and by the end been overwhelmed with inspiration. Have a look at a few of the stories.

Dancoise Miller

The Golden Fork

From “law and order” to “order up!” How Letizia Vella converted her father’s disappointment to fanatic level support.


Guillermo Rigattieri

If you had to describe his process as he explains it, it would be a sort of daily exorcism of expression. Metal sculptor Guillermo Rigattieri explains why his art is more cathartic than creative.

Dancoise Miller

Zonda - Cocina de paisaje

“We want to mix the farm-to-table, chef’s table, and social responsibility concepts to create something that doesn’t yet exist in Mendoza,” Sofía Pescarmona.


“Travel is one of my biggest inspirations. Learning about new cultures and discovering new foods is just the best gift ever.”
Dancoise Miller

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