“Freedom” has always been the one word that drives my life and my decisions, so after divorcing in 2019, I took that idea and amplified it by ten. I ask, “Why live in one country, when I can live in three?” Or, “Why should I stress about family life when it can be the best thing that ever happened for me?” “Why hold onto relationships that no longer serve me, when they block beautiful connections that will bring me joy?”

“Why make money with only one business, when I can take on several projects that feed my soul?” I keep the questions coming and I share both thoughts and answers with my audiences. In my podcasts, articles, columns, and social media I discuss what happens when we abolish the thoughts of “supposed to”, “have to”, “should” and shame to live life cherishing the priceless moments we often miss, as we keep busy caught in the rat race. What happens when we love our “loneliness”, speak our truth and go forth boldly in life, as if everything was happening for us? If we just let go, could we finally discover what it means to live?

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