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"Yes, I bake,
but there's so
much more to
me than cake."

Dancoise, the
"California girl"
spreads a few
rays of sunshine
with her blog
& broadcast.

New Podcast Every Thursday

Intervention time for my cake decorating “Cake Ladies” baking around the world!
The “Good Morning Cake Ladies” podcast (listen below) shares stories, thoughts, and ideas that stop the lies we tell ourselves about the “joys of baking” and pushes us to get real about managing this crazy overwhelming cake-life in a healthy way so that we can ACTUALLY see success.
Listen while you work, Comment, Like & Share,
❤️Love you Queens

The Desires of Your Heart

You can have anything you want, but do you believe it? This podcast episode is where my Malta story began and if you’ve been following

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COVID TRAVEL: What to Expect

by Dancoise Koechler Listen to “Covid Travel 2021: What to Expect.” on Spreaker. Travel in the time of COVID19 is uncertain, not to mention

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Arabic? Where am I going in 2022?

by Dancoise Arabic??? Why?! Listen to “Arabic?! BUT WHY?!” on Spreaker. This is the reaction I get these days any time I tell someone

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by Dancoise Health Positive Over 30 flights this year, most of them longer than 8 hours, and I’ve come to understand the importance of health

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Travel You Can Afford

by Dancoise “Thank you so much for speeding up this call. I’m in Switzerland right now, so it’s early, “ I apologized to the T-mobile

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Gozitan Gold

Gozo, Malta | JUNE by Dancoise “Welcome to Gozo” Audrey-Marie Bartolo spread her theatrical jazz hands wide, projecting her thunderous voice as I departed the

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The Golden Fork

Ħ’Attard, Malta by Dancoise Interview with Letizia Vella of The Golden Fork “It’s my life, and this is what I want to do!” Those were

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Travel Cake Life

Mendoza, Argentina

Every time I land in MDZ via EZE I think, “How lucky am I to have stumbled upon this Napa Valley of the south?!” There

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