Life: A Game Of Marco Polo

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A new year means new goals, which for some can be anxiety-provoking. The pandemic, divorce, and rebuilding have put me in a position to second guess myself sometimes, but when I stop to think about what’s really behind it all, I see that I have every reason to push harder. Let’s talk about it.

Listen enjoy. Originally I was going to write an accompanying article, but that will have to come at some other time.

The Go GRL Trailer

The Go GRL is where I share my life adventure with you: the travel, the life revelations, the family time, the food and more. Check out my “Daily” where you’ll really get to know my personality, likes and get recommendations on books, shows, movies, products, travel destinations and more that you might like and enjoy the preview to get to know my style of adventure.

Egypt Trip – Amazing Soul Food + Pyramids

During the pandemic, my Egyptian friend Ash said, “Hey come over! They don’t care about masks or restrictions here. There’s no ‘pandemic’” So we hopped on a plane and had some of the best soul food I’ve ever had. We stayed at the Four Seasons – my favorite luxury hotel chain – and for one…

5 Tips for Learning Languages the Fun & Easy Way

Have you ever felt like learning a language is “too much work” and too hard? It’s probably because you’re doing it the wrong way. So many people ask me how I manage to learn a new language so easily and the short answer is that, I make it fun. I just uploaded an 11 minute…

Dancoise is the New Tsüri Columnist & Expat Voice

Please welcome our new expat columnist Dancoise! <<applause>> “What is it like to live in Zurich as an expat? And what can expats expect from Zurich and the people here? Our new columnist Dancoise Miller knows the ropes and reports on life as an expat in Zurich over the summer.” What an absolute honor to…

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